Wills & Estate Advice

Pearce Webster Dugdales (PWD) can provide you with expert advice & representation in all aspects of:-

Wills and Powers of Attorney (Financial, Medical & Guardianship)
Probate & the proper distribution of your loved one’s assets.

Will Disputes & Challenges

PWD are well able to provide specialist advice in Wills and Estates disputes, contests and challenges to deal with all aspects of Probate, Wills, and Estates together with related litigation.

The Victorian Courts have jurisdiction to determine these matters and PWD are skilled in providing advice to executors/administrators, beneficiaries or other persons affected by a Will.

With compulsory court mediation processes in place, PWD ensure that their clients use their facility to expedite will disputes with a view to a cost-effective outcome.

Lawyers :

David Sonenberg
Glenn Harvey
Tony Walstab
Julie Chambers
John Henry
John Toohey
Brad Cunningham