• Drisha Natarajan joins Pearce Webster Dugdales

    We welcome Drisha Natarajan to the firm. Drisha is an experienced Property & Commercial solicitor. Drisha was admitted to practice is 2007 after completing her Bachelor of Laws, with Honours, at University of London in the UK in 2004.

    Drisha has a broad range of experience in property, leasing and commercial. Property law work involves all aspects of domestic and commercial conveyancing, sub-divisional developments including off the plan sales and purchase, and body corporate advice and joint venture agreements.

    Sound knowledge of commercial and retail property leasing matters and the Retail Leases Act 2003 (Vic), including negotiation and preparation of leasing documents with particular attention to individual client requirements and all statutory regulations.

    She also acts for vendors and purchasers of all types of business including the preparation of commercial and franchising documentation and investigation of all legislative requirements for certification and suitability.

  • Estate Planning for Blended Families

    A blended family is a relationship that is formed with partners who have children from a current relationship and also children from a previous relationship. Wills for blended families need to be carefully drawn to try to avoid any conflict

  • How is an inheritance treated at separation?

    A common question in a family law dispute is whether an inheritance received by one party will be excluded from the property pool to be divided between the parties. To understand how the courts are likely to treat inheritances, previous cases provide guidance on what may happen.

  • How the new changes to the Guardianship and Administration Act 2019 will affect Guardians and Administrators appointed by VCAT

    On 1 March 2020, new laws will change how VCAT appoints guardians and administrators with VCAT’s powers being expanded.

  • It’s another new financial year – does your Will need reviewing or updating?

    Having a Will that is up to date and legally valid is always important

  • Merger – Tolhurst Druce & Emmerson with Pearce Webster Dugdales

    The Partners of Tolhurst Druce & Emmerson and Pearce Webster Dugdales are delighted to announce that the two firms have merged effective as and from Monday 3 April 2017.

    The merged firm will operate under the business name Pearce Webster Dugdales (incorporating the Practice of Tolhurst Druce & Emmerson) and will primarily operate from premises situated at Level 4, 379 Collins Street, Melbourne.

    The hours of operation are Monday to Friday from 8.30 am to 5.30 pm.

    The main contact details for the Melbourne office of Pearce Webster Dugdales are as follows:-

    • Telephone 03 9614 5122
    • Facsimile 03 9614 29654
    • Email info@pearcewebster.com.au
    • Website www.pearcewebster.com.au

    In addition we offer services at our Branch Office at Riddells Creek:

    Telephone: 03 5428 6507
    Address: Yeaman House, 5A Station Street, Riddells Creek. 3431
    Postal: PO Box 110, Riddells Creek. Victoria. 3431
    Office Hours: Tuesdays 9.00 am -5.00 pm and weekends by appointment.

    Please note that all calls,mail and emails sent to Tolhurst Druce & Emmerson will automatically be diverted and or redirected to Pearce Webster Dugdales.

    Pearce Webster Dugdales and Tolhurst Druce & Emmerson are both firms of long standing with Peace Webster Dugdales having been established in 1899.

    The two firms share similar cultures and values and Pearce Webster Dugdales seeks to continue to provide you with quality legal advice and to service your legal needs as and when they arise from time to time.

    Pearce Webster Dugdales’s is committed to proffering Tolhurst Druce & Emmerson clients, (past and present) whether individuals, families or businesses, the same level of legal assistance and support as was formerly the case.

  • Powers of Attorney for Estate Planning

    A Power of Attorney is a legal document appointing one or more people to manage your financial, personal or medical matters during your lifetime.

  • Property Law

    The area of real estate transactions in Victoria has experienced nothing short of a revolution since both the State Revenue and the Land Title’s Office push to 100% digital conveyancing. Pearce Webster Dugdales is proud to be one of the first few firms that have been on board this revolutionary train since digital conveyancing was introduced in Victoria. Our property team is well equipped and trained in e-conveyancing including the use of the State Revenue digital platform and PEXA and cyber-security practice and procedures.

    All our conveyancing matters are supervised by experience property lawyers who are abreast with all changes in property law.

  • What happens if you die without leaving a Will? The new Intestacy Laws in Victoria

    If you die without leaving a valid Will your Estate will more than likely come under the new Intestacy provisions in Victoria.

  • Where there’s a Will – by David Sonenberg

    David Sonenberg, our LIV Accredited Specialist in Wills and Estate, writes about a recent Court of Appeal decision that found suspicious circumstances arose so as to cast doubt on the Will maker’s approval of his will. The case is VEALL v ANOR & VEALL.